Event Planning

The CG team work across a very wide range of gardens, from small retreats to large estates, and have worked with some of our clients now for many years. We are delighted to have been asked to assist them with the planning of a wide range of events either on a short term planning basis or as an addition to our normal maintenance works. We have had the joy or preparing for several weddings, a wide range of parties for all ages, and a few business launches for commercial clients.

A gravel path leading through a lawn and some flowerbeds, up to a small wooden building.

party planning

We are delighted to have worked with a number of our long standing clients to prepare their gardens for larger functions such as weddings and special parties, as well as more minor “primping” for smaller events. In some cases we have had a year or more to plan and have made some massive changes to the gardens, working with our colleagues at CGLA, including levelling lawns for marquees, creating paths and access, lighting, and major planting revamps. More often we have a little less time, but can still make a massive difference by planning planting changes, clipping pruning and shaping as well as major cleaning and minor repairs.

A well-kept garden with many different colours of flowers

Commercial/Business launches

A new showroom launch for a longstanding client, resulted in a request for a major planting upgrade at the entrance to the buildings. An area that was miserable “car park planting” for years was given a planting lift and then maintained up to the event (and beyond!). For another business, we added screen planting to the large car parking area to make it more private when viewed from the adjacent offices, and hedging to cover the security fencing, as well as creating new staff rest and relaxation areas outside a new block being launched as a training centre. Working alongside our CGLA colleagues, we designed, installed and maintained this all in time for their big day!

The front of a large, white house. Flowerbeds are at the base of the wall with with taller plants creeping up the side of the wall.

sale and letting planning

With the property market red hot, getting the best price for your property or making it more attractive to rent are key. Regular maintenance and a bit of added “kerb appeal” can make all the difference. We work with a number of estate agents to help maximise their clients assets, adding pots and planters or key screening planting, or just making the place feel more “loved” are all critical to the staging of the sale.