Who We Are

Cool Gardens was founded back in 2001 with an idea to create beautifully designed gardens, and to help our clients through the whole process from ideas to completion. Over the years our team has developed, bringing in specialist Landscape Architects, Project Managers, and Construction experts, as well as a Garden Maintenance arm. Ruth, Carl and Vicki lead the business with Ruth and Vicki focussing on Design and Carl leading Landscaping.

We believe that the best results come from tapping into talent from a wide range of specialities including Landscape Architecture, Garden Design, Planting, Construction, and Project Management, as well as ongoing Garden Maintenance.

As our Garden Maintenance team has developed over the years, it has become a deep speciality in its own right, and we felt the time had come to bring this to prominence with its own identity, web site, and focus as Cool Gardens, with the other parts of the business now operating separately (if from the same base!) as CG Landscape Associates. Whilst we work together closely, we do appreciate that many of our clients prefer the clarity of dealing directly with those responsible for Maintenance or our other services and to pick and choose to suit their own needs and requirements.







Cool Gardens has a wonderful team led by the Head of Maintenance, Emma Asquith, who is based in our lovely Penn offices. With a background across diverse business and management roles, Emma took the lead role at Coolgardens 5 years ago and had led the team from strength to strength. Whether it is discussing your requirements for your gardens on an ongoing basis, arranging additional works, planting, hedging or party planning, Emma is the go-to person to assist you with arranging ongoing garden maintenance, budgeting and planning for the future. She is now ably assisted by Julie Rugg in the office as well as her hands on Team Leaders who manage the day to day work.


We are very proud of our hands-on maintenance team, led by James, assisted by Team Leader Simon. Most have horticultural qualifications or are working towards them, and all have a passion for gardens and take great pride in the gardens they manage. Whether it is focussing on the plants, lawn care, or general tidying and sorting, you will find them willing and helpful, and open to comments and queries.