Ongoing Improvements

The great thing about gardens is that they continue to grow (sometimes almost despite us!), so working on a garden is always a changing and moving thing. Stasis is largely not possible, and rarely desirable! Starting from scratch or with a mature or semi-mature garden, we aim to understand what you like and don’t like, what annoys and delights you. Whether you just like it kept neat and tidy or aspire to a more horticulturally ambitious standard, we can work with you to make this happen.

Some wooden chairs and table on a stone patio, near a fountain

new gardens

New gardens bring their own challenges-an empty garden will need planting and planning which we are happy to help with, and the infrastructure (lighting/irrigation/composting etc) may need upgrading. It may be worth seeing it through a season to see how you use it and what you like and don’t like, but almost certainly the planting will benefit from some changes to more accurately match your tastes. In many cases taking on a lovely garden is harder than a grim one as one is more reticent about changing it- we can advise and assist with this!

A brick patio surrounded by greenery

mature gardens

If your garden is mature, most likely there are parts of it that you love and parts that you really would rather change. Having a good clear look at this and working out where you might want to start is something we are happy to help with. Keeping an overall plan in mind and an order of developments is something we are delighted to work up with you. Using what is there and lifting/dividing and slimming things out is often best done bed by bed, and just trimming a larger specimen or adding a particular piece can make all the difference.

A metal swinging chair on a gravel surface, backdropped by some plants and a large hedge.

changing uses

Over time, most people change how they use their gardens, obviously lock-down has been a massive driver of this in recent years, but there is also a natural progression in family gardens as swings, climbing frames and football pitches arrive, are used all the time and then later can be cleared to make space for other things. Pet fencing may be needed, and repairs or adjustments to the gardens may be required after the addition of a feature, a studio or a seating area. Our team is happy to suggest ongoing improvements either to accommodate the changes or clear up afterwards!