Bespoke Maintenance

Garden maintenance covers a multitude of activities. As a rule we are happy to work on almost anything outside, and will discuss with you exactly what you want to be covered, how often and to what standard. The usual range of services are covered below, but we are good problem solvers and can often assist with items outside the norm- whether it is removal of Japanese Knotweed or finding someone to fix your garden lights!

A view from some bushes across a lawn to a wooden structure with stairs


In addition to great mowing and edging, we provide hands-on expertise in organic feeding programmes and soil improvement to create and maintain a beautiful lawn.

With our extensive planting knowledge, we love the opportunity to introduce new planting schemes as well as revitalise existing planting areas, from borders to eye-catching specimens and screening, developing colour, structure and scent. We prune, tie and clip as needed and fend off attacks by unwanted pests.

A well-kept lawn in front of a fence surrounding a house.


We supply, install and maintain irrigation solutions for gardens of all sizes, for planting areas and lawns, as well as pots and roof terraces.These can be simple drip systems fed from a tap, or we can introduce a contractor to create an all singing and dancing system for rainwater capture, underground storage and pop-up lawn sprinkling.

Three wicker chairs and a parasol on a stone patio in the middle of a lawn


Hardscaped areas are kept in pristine condition. These are regularly cleaned, and swept – and when needed we can arrange additional remedial action such as jet-washing or hardscaping repairs if required.

A stone arch bridge over a small stream

Rivers, ponds, lakes and water features

We maintain all manner of water features, from lakes, ponds, fountains and streams to smaller self-contained water features. In most cases this is just keeping on top of pond weed, filter cleaning and UV bulbs, but can also capture a more aggressive clean out as needed, plus pond and bog planting. We can also work with our colleagues at CGLA to design and create new features.

A stone bench beneath a small hedge, overlooked by a row of well-kept trees

Trees and Hedges

We regularly trim hedging and smaller trees as needed. Larger trees and hedges may need a tree specialist to deal with them, and we will arrange this for you. Replacement of failed hedging (particularly Buxus) can be arranged, and selection and installation of larger mature trees is a speciality of our sister company CGLA