Planting is a delight in any garden. Whether you prefer neat and architectural design or a full riot of colour and heady scents! We can work with what you have – shuffling, moving, dividing, shaping and pruning – adding more colour or structure, or can plant whole new borders, create new planting areas, and a whole lot more.

Our award winning team are happy to work with you if you are a plant lover and want to choose your own planting, or if you want to leave it to us to achieve the effect you want – either way works well! We can send in a team for an initial ‘blitz’ and sort out, followed by general ongoing improvement, or work with you over the time to achieve the changes you would like to see.

A small gravel path leasing between two flowerbeds out to a gravel drive.

If you need screen planting, hedging or tree work, we can arrange that, and challenging spaces like roof terraces are a speciality. We can arrange irrigation solutions so that your garden will look its best all year round, and seasonal colour top ups to fill awkward gaps and add a bit of ‘pop’ ready for a party or simply to perk up your summer.

Some flowerbeds containing a variety of flowers, ferns and trees.

Lawns and lawn care are key to many gardens, and we can work with you to create a weeding, feeding and mowing routine that suits your particular site and aspirations.